Great Divide 6-Pack

by Great Divide, November 3, 2011

Here at Great Divide, people often assume it’s one big dudefest. However, we have 6 awesome gals under our roof, affectionately known as “the 6 pack”. Here’s your chance to meet them all. Next time you’re at the brewery, keep an eye out for our lovely ladies.

Tannea is our resident “Hops Honey”. She sells Great Divide here in Colorado, Southern California and Arizona. Her favorite Great Divide beer is a toss-up between Titan and Hibernation.

Sharon is our party-planner extraordinaire and our tour manager. Her favorite Great Divide beer is Titan but she’ll never turn down a Fresh Hop when it’s available.

Monique helps us out as our office assistant. Her favorite Great Divide beer is Colette.

Mary is our Count de Money and has worked at Great Divide longer than everyone except our owner, Brian. While she doesn’t have a favorite Great Divide beer (who can chose just one?!), she likes to cozy up to any of the Yetis.

Hanna is our resident word nerd and marketing coordinator. Her favorite Great Divide beer is Fresh Hop Pale Ale.

Monica is our newest female addition and you can find her slingin’ brews in the Tap Room. Her favorite Great Divide beer is Rumble.