Forkly Blog: Attn: Food Bloggers, Embed Your Tastes!

September 7, 2011

One of the first Forkly blogging tools we’re rolling out is the ability to embed tastes.

Embedded taste cards allow you to easily share your photos, ratings and taste notes. Your readers can then “Want” items directly from your blog and find them later when they’re hungry. It’s a great way…

It’s Fresh Hop time again!

September 6, 2011


The fresh, whole cone hops have arrived at the brewery and our rockstar brewers have been hard at work around the clock to turn them into delicious beer. Centennial, Cascade and Simcoe hops are shipped overnight, directly from the field to the brewery, maximizing freshness.

The whole cone hops impart a grassy, citrusy, aromatic character to the beer. While this beer may be a labor of love for our brewers, it’s a tasty, crisp pale ale that’s perfect for the season. If you’re nice, you may even get a whole cone hop in your Tap Room pour.

Keep an eye out for Fresh Hop Pale Ale on shelves at the end of the month. Cheers to fresh hop beers!

Weekend Pairing

September 2, 2011


Welcome to our new series highlighting the bountiful world of beer&cheese pairings. Join us each week as we explore a new turophilic delight paired with our seasonal and year-round brews.

Hoss Rye Lager and Avalanche Cabra Blanca

Hoss Rye Lager is crisp, earthy and unexpected. The addition of rye gives it a surprising emanating pleasantness. It’s red-orange pour is an aesthetic delight and its versatility makes it the perfect pairing beer for all seasons.

Cabra Blanca is a natural goat cheese from Paonia, Colorado. It’s made in basalt, hand-wrapped and aged for six to twelve months, producing a semi-soft slightly drier cheese with citrusy notes and a hint of hay and straw. You can find more information about Avalanche Cheese Company here. This local beauty pairs harmoniously with the milkd cherry flavors and pleasant spice found in Hoss.

You can use this long weekend to celebrate beer and food with this local treat.

Visit our website for more information on our monthly beer&cheese pairings, as well.

Wednesday Haiku

August 31, 2011

It’s here. Middle day.

The space between here and there.

Mind blown. Need a beer.

Weekend Pairing

August 26, 2011


This is the first post in a new series highlighting the bountiful world of beer&cheese pairings. Join us each week as we explore a new turophilic delight paired with our seasonal and year-round brews.

Hades Belgian Strong Ale and Manchego

This week’s pairing features our golden beauty Hades with an approachable, easy-to-find sheep’s milk cheese. Let’s take a look:

Hades Belgian Strong Ale is a complex brew with just a pinch of mystery. You may remember it from its Day In The Life post. It pours brilliant gold with a balanced, crisp taste. Its spicy flavor and aroma makes it a perfect mate for pairing.You can find this beer in 6-pks across the nation.

Manchego is a sheep’s milk cheese hailing from the La Mancha region of Spain. It can be aged anywhere from 2 months to 2 years, giving it a firm consistency. With its buttery texture and nutty flavor, this toothsome cheese was made for pairing. Manchego is approachable for every palate, as it remains a classic go-to for cheese connoisseurs, a mellow intro for newbies and an easy-to-find indulgence at your local market.

During August’s hot days and warm nights, this pairing will befit any al fresco eve.

Visit our website for more information on our monthly beer&cheese pairings, as well.

August 23, 2011


Forkly helps you find food and drink recommendations based on your specific tastes. Sounds pretty awesome, right? We think so, too. That’s why we’re partnering with them to give everyone the chance the try and love Great Divide brews. Next time you’re in the Tap Room slowly swilling a Smoked Baltic Porter, enjoying a pint of DPA on the town or cuddling up with a Yeti at home, you can click into Forkly on your iPhone and share your love with the world.

Join us over at Forkly to take your beer digital.

Women In Craft Beer

August 19, 2011

Thanks to Ladies of Craft Beer for featuring one of our own in their Women In Craft Beer Interview Series. You can see the interview, and all of the other awesome LadiesOCB content here:

Great Divide at SXSW?

August 16, 2011

It’s no secret; we love social media. We’ve been asked to be on a South By Southwest Interactive panel and we need your help to make it a reality! We’d be speaking alongside some social media scions, including our pals Untappd. If you’ve got a few extra minutes, throw us a vote!

Cheers and thanks!

You can get yo’ vote on here:

Pairing Our Beer With Your Weekend

August 12, 2011



We know you’re day-dreaming of the delicious Great Divide libations waiting for you when the working week is done. But you may be fretting—with 10 year-round beers and 3 current seasonals, how do you choose the right one to fit your mood? Never fear, friends. Use this handy guide for pairing our beer with your weekend.

Denver Pale Ale: this balanced English Style Pale Ale reflects its eponymous hometown. It’s laid back, unpretentious and a friendly beer for most craft beer drinkers. Pair this beer with bare feet, shorts and some time at the dog park. Brave that Rocky Mountain sunshine with a cold bottle in hand.

Hoss: this crisp rye lager is both earthy and spicy—a perfect match for all that makes the outdoors great. Sip this beer while getting your hands dirty. Pair it post-mountain biking, hiking, fishing or canoeing. Then throw up a tent and let Hoss do the work.

Titan: this bold, bitter beauty isn’t for the hop-afraid. This beer is so forward, it’d swing right up to you at a bar and ask for your number. Pair it with something high-energy. Soccer in the park? A rugby match? Secret training for your American Ninja Warrior application tape? Whatever trips your trigger.

Claymore: everybody loves a sultry, smooth trip to the dark side. With its malty body and deep ruby allure, this brew is pretty darn sexy. Pair this Scotch Ale with a burlesque show.

Wild Raspberry: sure, people like to scoff at a fruit beer. But this tart flirt is more than just a boring beer that tastes like fruit. It has a secret side—a malt backbone not to be messed with and real black and red raspberries. Pair this beer with an evening of mechanical bull-riding and a chapter from a Dostoevsky novel before bed.

Samurai: have we found it? The perfect weekend beer? Crisp and light, it’s like sunshine in a glass. Pair this beer with al fresco dinner of seared tuna and some patio tunes.

Old Ruffian: this brew means business. Clocking in at 10.2% ABV, Old Ruff doesn’t care if you like it or not. Pair the Ruff with gun shooting in the woods, swearing and not wearing a seatbelt.

Yeti: it may be elusive but it’ll make a great addition to your weekend. Count yourself among the lucky ones to see the creature in its natural habitat. When the air gets ready to burst into a thunderstorm, head inside and curl up with a Yeti.

Hercules: is, indeed, a beer of epic proportions. With an intense hop profile and surprising maltiness, this beer was made for the weekend. Pair this beer with bar Olympics: darts, shuffleboard and juke box DJing.

Rumble: this balanced IPA is perfect for summer. One of the best things about the summer season is savoring the late sunsets with a group of pals. With a rounded oakiness, Rumble is an IPA with nuance. Pair it with a backyard BBQ—its delicious, unique character makes it a good choice for a languid evening of reminiscing with friends.

Hades: don’t let the name fool you, this beer is simply heavenly. With a Belgian spiciness and a brilliant golden color, Hades is a great fit for anything up in the mountains. Pair this ale with a trip to the summit. Its luminosity and balance will serve you well where the air is rare.

Smoked Baltic Porter: this deep, mysterious brew is perfect for those late night campouts. With just the right amount of smoke, Smoked Baltic Porter is best suited with a crackling campfire and the perfect s’more.

Belgian Yeti: is certainly something unexpected. It’s everything you love about Yeti but with that extra Belgian twist. This beer is the Renaissance Man (or woman) of the Yeti family— it has varied skills and interests. Enjoy Belgian Yeti when your day includes it all: baking, smoking a cigar, reading a book, driving a boat, writing code, gardening and starting a revolution.


Belgian Yeti Lust

August 8, 2011


It’s Yeti, oh Yeti, but what is this twist?

It’s that special yeast leaving you feeling Belgian kissed.

It’s malt-driven and roasty and all that you know,

Yet, don’t be remiss, it’s got a little extra to show.

Sure you’ve had chocolate and ‘spresso and oak,

But this Belgian beauty certainly’s no joke.

Flirty but strong, with a deep, swirling mystery,

One fateful sip and all other love affairs history,

Whether in bombers or creamy, laced glass,

It’s sure to intrigue both laddy and lass.