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Pairing Our Beer With Your Weekend

August 12, 2011



We know you’re day-dreaming of the delicious Great Divide libations waiting for you when the working week is done. But you may be fretting—with 10 year-round beers and 3 current seasonals, how do you choose the right one to fit your mood? Never fear, friends. Use this handy guide for pairing our beer with your weekend.

Denver Pale Ale: this balanced English Style Pale Ale reflects its eponymous hometown. It’s laid back, unpretentious and a friendly beer for most craft beer drinkers. Pair this beer with bare feet, shorts and some time at the dog park. Brave that Rocky Mountain sunshine with a cold bottle in hand.

Hoss: this crisp rye lager is both earthy and spicy—a perfect match for all that makes the outdoors great. Sip this beer while getting your hands dirty. Pair it post-mountain biking, hiking, fishing or canoeing. Then throw up a tent and let Hoss do the work.

Titan: this bold, bitter beauty isn’t for the hop-afraid. This beer is so forward, it’d swing right up to you at a bar and ask for your number. Pair it with something high-energy. Soccer in the park? A rugby match? Secret training for your American Ninja Warrior application tape? Whatever trips your trigger.

Claymore: everybody loves a sultry, smooth trip to the dark side. With its malty body and deep ruby allure, this brew is pretty darn sexy. Pair this Scotch Ale with a burlesque show.

Wild Raspberry: sure, people like to scoff at a fruit beer. But this tart flirt is more than just a boring beer that tastes like fruit. It has a secret side—a malt backbone not to be messed with and real black and red raspberries. Pair this beer with an evening of mechanical bull-riding and a chapter from a Dostoevsky novel before bed.

Samurai: have we found it? The perfect weekend beer? Crisp and light, it’s like sunshine in a glass. Pair this beer with al fresco dinner of seared tuna and some patio tunes.

Old Ruffian: this brew means business. Clocking in at 10.2% ABV, Old Ruff doesn’t care if you like it or not. Pair the Ruff with gun shooting in the woods, swearing and not wearing a seatbelt.

Yeti: it may be elusive but it’ll make a great addition to your weekend. Count yourself among the lucky ones to see the creature in its natural habitat. When the air gets ready to burst into a thunderstorm, head inside and curl up with a Yeti.

Hercules: is, indeed, a beer of epic proportions. With an intense hop profile and surprising maltiness, this beer was made for the weekend. Pair this beer with bar Olympics: darts, shuffleboard and juke box DJing.

Rumble: this balanced IPA is perfect for summer. One of the best things about the summer season is savoring the late sunsets with a group of pals. With a rounded oakiness, Rumble is an IPA with nuance. Pair it with a backyard BBQ—its delicious, unique character makes it a good choice for a languid evening of reminiscing with friends.

Hades: don’t let the name fool you, this beer is simply heavenly. With a Belgian spiciness and a brilliant golden color, Hades is a great fit for anything up in the mountains. Pair this ale with a trip to the summit. Its luminosity and balance will serve you well where the air is rare.

Smoked Baltic Porter: this deep, mysterious brew is perfect for those late night campouts. With just the right amount of smoke, Smoked Baltic Porter is best suited with a crackling campfire and the perfect s’more.

Belgian Yeti: is certainly something unexpected. It’s everything you love about Yeti but with that extra Belgian twist. This beer is the Renaissance Man (or woman) of the Yeti family— it has varied skills and interests. Enjoy Belgian Yeti when your day includes it all: baking, smoking a cigar, reading a book, driving a boat, writing code, gardening and starting a revolution.


Belgian Yeti Lust

August 8, 2011


It’s Yeti, oh Yeti, but what is this twist?

It’s that special yeast leaving you feeling Belgian kissed.

It’s malt-driven and roasty and all that you know,

Yet, don’t be remiss, it’s got a little extra to show.

Sure you’ve had chocolate and ‘spresso and oak,

But this Belgian beauty certainly’s no joke.

Flirty but strong, with a deep, swirling mystery,

One fateful sip and all other love affairs history,

Whether in bombers or creamy, laced glass,

It’s sure to intrigue both laddy and lass.

Check out this beauty!

August 4, 2011


Looks like we have ourselves a delicious cask of dry-hopped double IPA downstairs in the Tap Room. Get while the gettin’s good! On tap today only for #IPAday!

Let us know what Great Divide IPA you’re rocking with Untappd, Pintley, Twitter and FB! We love hearing from you.

IPA Musings

July 25, 2011


Oh, hoppy wonder, you’re alluring and magic,

To waste you, sweet nectar, is the apex of tragic.

Some call you bitter, as if it is bad,

But your alphas and betas are sultry wonders to be had.

While others may race to pack in IBUs,

We know a simple nuance is better to use.

Full-bodied and refined, with a twinge of bouquet,

Pucker up and kiss a nice Titan IPA.

What’s Shaking at GD for #IPAday?

So, you’ve heard about #IPAday nationwide but now it’s time for some GD-specific deets!

Join us August 4th in the Tap Room to celebrate #IPAday in style:

-special Great Divide IPA taster flight

-one-day-only bargain pricing on Titan IPA shirts

-never-before-released #IPAday keg on tap

Plus, be entered to win a sweet GD prize pack by tweeting or Facebook-ing a pic of your IPA in the Tap Room with the tag #IPAday

Not in the 303? No problem!

You can celebrate with us from afar, too, by tagging pictures with Great Divide Brewing Company  or @greatdividebrew or by letting us know what delicious GD IPA you’re enjoying in your own city on August 4th.

Tap Room will be open from 2-10pm. See you there!


July 8, 2011

Check out the #IPAday details here and worship the hop with us on August 4th!

Announcing International #IPADay: A Social Celebration of Craft Beer

San Diego, CA – July 7th, 2011 Attention all craft beer evangelists, brewers, bloggers, and suds-savvy citizens! On Thursday, August 4th 2011, you are cordially invited to participate in the largest international craft beer celebration and virtual conversation the world has ever seen.

International #IPADay is a grassroots movement to unite the voices of craft beer enthusiasts, bloggers, and brewers worldwide through social media. On Thursday August 4th, craft beer drinkers across the social sphere and across the globe will raise pints in a collective toast to one of craft beer’s most iconic styles: the India Pale Ale. This celebrated style represents the pinnacle of brewing innovation with its broad spectrum of diverse brands, subcategories, and regional flavor variations – making it the perfect style to galvanize craft beer’s social voice.

#IPADay is not the brainchild of a corporate marketing machine, nor is it meant to serve any particular beer brand. #IPADay is opportunity for breweries, bloggers, businesses and consumers to connect and share their love of craft beer. Getting involved is easy; the only requirements are an appreciation for great beer and the will to spread the word. Anyone can participate by enjoying IPA with friends, making some noise online with the #IPADay hashtag, and showing the world that craft beer is more than a trend!

Tips on How to Take Part:

1.     Organize an #IPADay event at your brewery, brewpub, restaurant, bar, home, or office (Ex:  An IPA dinner/cheese pairing/comparative or educational tasting/cask night/tap takeover…). Share your events on the official #IPADay forum at

2.     On August 4th, share your photos, videos, blog posts, tasting notes, recipes, and thoughts with the world. Be sure to include the #IPADay hashtag in your posts Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, WordPress, RateBeer, Foursquare, Gowalla, Yelp, Untappd or any other social media site.

3.     See what other people are saying by searching “#IPADay” on Google,, et cetera…

4.     Track down your favorite IPA’s, ones you’ve been meaning to try, and ones you’ve never heard of; share them with friends and share your thoughts with the world.

5.     Have a good time and know that by sharing your experiences online, you’re strengthening the craft beer community at large.

About International #IPADAY 

Founded in 2011 by beer evangelists and social media personalities Ashley V Routson and Ryan A Ross, International #IPADay is the largest grassroots social media-based celebration of craft beer. The goal of #IPADay is to use social media to strengthen the collective voice of craft beer through the simple celebration of beer itself. The success of #IPADay hinges on the passionate voices of beer enthusiasts worldwide and their willingness to share that passion across the social sphere.


For more information on events or how you can support #IPADay, visit or contact (insert regional host brewery) at (, facebook, twitter, *Change out with relevant brewery/blog info*


Colette Wows The Ledger

Thanks to The Ledger for making Colette their Beer of the Week!

Beer Bringing Us All Together

June 29, 2011

Often, as we prepare to dive into a holiday weekend, we find ourselves caught up in the scurrying chaos of vacation plans, last-minute work minutia and the ever-present illusion of busyness. It’s easy to get lost in the grind.

On this holiday weekend, as we share America’s symbolic birthday, we will likely be awash with languid patriotic musings capable of making even Francis Scott Key blush. So, we’ll keep ours short.

In a time of gridlocked divisiveness, we’ll be celebrating what makes us unified: good friends, good food and good beer. Sitting down with family and friends and simply enjoying time together is what’s it’s all about. Rather than drawing partitions and finding differences, we’ll be raising a pint to the good things in life. How about you?


June 13, 2011

Please note, the Flickr pics listed in our previous post are to be credited to Sean Buchan, not “Sean Buchand” as we had errantly stated. Apologies!

Thanks to everyone who came out and celebrated 17 years with us Saturday!


We couldn’t have made it this far without you and we were so excited to celebrate. Cheers to 17 more!

Saturday may have been #GD17 but Monday is #recoverymode. Catch all the pics here, in a sweet Westword slideshow:

or here, at Denver Off The Wagon contributor Sean Buchand’s Flickr: