Top 10 Reasons You’ll Love Our 17th Anniversary Party

June 7, 2011


#5: Meet and Greet

Ever wished you could sneak backstage at a concert and kick it with the lead singer? Well, here’s your chance. True, our brewers may not shred tasty guitar licks or pound out fat bass lines, but they sure are brewing rockstars. June 11th, you’ll get to try beers poured by the brewers themselves. $25 to eat, drink, listen to great music and chat with our brewers? Sounds like quite a deal!

Top 10 Reasons You’ll Love Our 17th Anniversary Party

June 6, 2011


#6: Beer Patio

Our former Beer Lounge (a crowd favorite during GABF) has been quickly filling up with tanks as we continue to grow. Good news is that we have installed a brand-spankin’-new deck out by the tanks for the ultimate beer drinking. Stop by the 17th Anniversary party on June 11th to help us christen the porch! Get your tickets here:

Top 10 Reasons You’ll Love Our 17th Anniversary Party

June 3, 2011



#8: Food Trucks

This year’s party brings some of Denver’s most acclaimed food trucks, including some weekly Tap Room faves. Your ticket gets you access to Basic Kneads Pizza (@ikneadpizza), Quiero Arepas (@quieroarepas), Stick It To Me (@stickfood) and The Denver Cupcake Truck (@CakeCrumbsTruck). Delicious? We think so!

Get your tickets here:

Online tix are the only way to pay by credit card. Tix at the door will be $5 more and cash-only.

Day In The Life: Samurai Rice Ale

June 2, 2011


I’m all about honor and, like every good Samurai, I offer the best of both worlds. On the one hand, I’ve been known to sit down and write languidly on the virtues of bushido. On the other…you ever seen me wield a broadsword? I’m the perfect warm weather beer—crisp, light and refreshing. But I’m sworn to protect the Great Divide shogun in the Denver prefecture, so you know I’m true to their characteristic boldness. When people find out I’m a Samurai, I often hear, “Ooh, like that Tom Cruise movie?!”

No. Not like that.

Top 10 Reasons Why You’ll Love Our 17th Anniversary Party


#9: Yeti Tent

You may know the Yeti as a furry, mythical creature found in the Himalayas. However, Yeti is also a delicious family of storied stouts in various incarnations. Visit the Yeti Tent at our 17th Anniversary Party for our Oak Aged, Espresso Oak Aged and Chocolate Oak Aged Yetis, as well as some super special Yetis who will be making their first public appearance. Also, we hear rumor that the furry fellow himself will be partying down, too.

Buy your tickets today for a great June 11th:

Day In The Life: Wild Raspberry Ale

June 1, 2011


Some people like to assume I’m just another fruit beer: fragile, sensitive and sickeningly sweet. That’s fine. Haters gonna hate. Sure, I’m sweet and a perfect date for a summer day, but does anybody ever talk about my smarts? Yeah, I wear a pretty pink label. But inside my sexy bottle is a wallop of wit, a bumpercrop of brainpower and one heck of a malt backbone. So, go ahead, assume you know my type. Underestimate me. Think of me as just another fruit beer. Just know you’re missing out.

One more thing—my raspberries? Oh, they’re real, boys.

Top 10 Reason’s You’ll Love Our 17th Anniversary Party


#10: Special Beers

We love our year-rounds and seasonals, but sometimes it’s fun to see what our brewers concoct when they get a chance to flex their zymurgical muscles. You can only try these uber-rare brews June 11th at the Anniversary Party.

Buy your tix here:



Our 17th Anniversary Party is just around the corner and it’s gonna be a blast! Tickets are only $25 and include delicious, specialty beers from our rockstar brewers, nosh from some of the coolest food carts in town and awesome live music.

Head here to buy your tickets:

See you June 11th!

Day In The Life: Denver Pale Ale

May 27, 2011


Most people say I take after my namesake. Like Denver itself, they say I’m friendly and laid back. Sometimes, I slip up and use some of my native slang. When I tell people I just saw a bobby in that lift, they look at me like I’m crazy. My English heritage sometimes gets the best of me. Luckily, that heritage also means I am exceptionally balanced, which seems to help me keep up with all the hiking, kayaking, telemarking, bouldering, ultra-marathoning, Tough Mudder-ing and mountain unicycling around here. A city this active needs a beer in equally good shape. I may be a Rocky Mountain staple but I’ll always be English at heart. Cheerio!

Day In The Life: Hoss Rye Lager

May 26, 2011


It seems like you can’t go more than 10 feet around here without seeing a plaid-clad hipster riding a fixie, talking about Thom Yorke’s 2006 EP, sporting an ironic mustache while walking their rescue mutt, who also has an ironic mustache. No one seems to remember that I was the original plaid-wearer around these parts. You think any of these kids have ever swung an axe in their life? Unlikely. Luckily, there are still guys and gals like me who earned their plaid through sweat, elbow grease and a dip of pipe tobacco. Sorry, hipsters, step aside and let the Hoss work.