Day In The Life: Colette Farmhouse Ale

May 25, 2011

It’s true. I’ve garnered some bling recently. Ever since I got my GABF medal last year, the paparazzi have been following my every move. “Colette, over here!” their shouts bombarding me, flash bulbs in my face. You know, it’s hard for a farm girl like me to take it all in. One day, you’re pitching hay on a quaint little Belgian farm and the next they want you showing off your bling like an iced-out hip-hop star rolling through the LBC in a late 90s rap video. It’s just not my style. I’m more comfortable taking it easy, enjoying a crisp saison on a patio somewhere than strutting my stuff on the red carpet. I may play the part of tart, but you know I’m sweet at heart.

Day In The Life: 17th Anniversary Wood Aged Double IPA

May 24, 2011

Listen, whippersnapper, I’ve been around the block a few times. Been around for 17 years and, boy, has this world changed. I remember the good ol’ days when this brewery was just getting started…just a one-man operation with a mission to bring delicious brews to the Mile High City. Brings a darn tear to my eye.

But don’t get me wrong, I love to party. Even now, I can still celebrate with the best of them. I may be the wise sage, but I can still flaunt 10% ABV like I did when I was younger. You kids may think you’re the bee’s knees but, believe me, I’ve only gotten better with age.

Day In The Life: Chocolate Oak Aged Yeti

May 23, 2011

You think it’s easy being this sexy? I’m here to tell you… it ain’t. I walk in to a bar with my smooth chocolate notes and my cayenne kick and I’ve got all eyes on my 22 ounces. Believe me, the ladies love the cayenne kick. But, deep down, I’m just a normal Great Divide beer: delicious, friendly and looking to settle down. Yeah, I pair nicely with raw oysters. Does that make me a playboy? Just because I enjoy a nice Kumamoto now again doesn’t mean I don’t have a softer, sensitive side.

Listen, I get it. You think you’ve got me pegged. I’ll spend an evening with you and never call. But, hey baby, I can’t help that I’m seasonal.

Happy American Craft Beer Week, friends!

May 16, 2011


Here’s what we have on tap for this week:


Cask tapping of Rockies Real Ale around 4pm

NZ Smokin’ Guns BBQ truck from 4-8pm

Vertical Hibernation tasting: very limited supplies of ‘08, ‘09 and ‘10 Hibernation to be enjoyed together. $6 gets you 3, 3oz. pours.


Musician Ian Cooke plays the Tap Room, 5pm.


Beer and Salumi pairing (sold out, but keep an eye out for future beer and salumi tastings!)

Basic Kneads pizza truck bringing the fire from 5-10pm.


Very special Hop Disciples meeting at the brewery: get a chance to talk shop with some of our rockstar brewers. No RSVP needed. 6pm.

Quiero Arepas will be at the Tap Room with delicious Latin-inspired arepas.


Special firkin tapping! Stay tuned for details!

See you this week! The Tap Room is open Sun-Tues 2-8pm and Wed-Sat 2-10pm.

Wednesday: One Sentence

May 4, 2011

 Happy hour waits.


We like Pintley. Check ‘em out. Tell ‘em what Great Divide beers you’ve enjoyed. Maybe even put a Great Divide beer on your wishlist.

April 28, 2011


One of the best parts about working in the craft beer industry is the chance to go behind the scenes at some of the other stellar breweries around the US. Yesterday, Odell Brewing was kind enough to host some of our staff for a tour and tasting. Here’s a pic of Joe, Odell head brewer and Austin, one of our rockstar brewers.

Cheers to Colorado beers!

Ever wonder how we turn water into beer?

April 26, 2011


Stop by the Tap Room for a free tour!

Tours are offered M-F at 3 and 4pm/ Saturday and Sunday at 3, 4, 5 and 6pm.

See you there!

Oh, dreary, blustery day..

April 20, 2011


Oh, dreary, blustery day,

Please feel free to go away,

But while you’re here,

We’ll crack open a beer.

Lately, Colette has been getting all the attention,

But, dear friends, it’s not our only seasonal invention!

With clouds and wind and rain on the way,

Time for Yeti and 17th Anniversary today.

With smooth cocoa nibs and a kick of cayenne,

This Yeti aint just a flash in the pan.

And Anniv, our love, with oak-y great flavor,

For this cold day, it’s perfect to savor!

Here at Great Divide, we take beer and food seriously.

April 19, 2011


While we don’t serve food ourselves, we love having some of Denver’s best food carts dishin’ up eats at the Tap Room. Take a peek at our food cart pals:

Basic Kneads Pizza: these brothers sling the best dough in town. Their fun pizza combos keep us coming back for more. They visit the Tap Room on Wednesday and Friday evenings. Don’t miss ‘em!

Stick It To Me: this organic, mostly-locally-sourced food cart kicks out the tastiest kabobs we’ve had. Added bonus: their fried mashed potato balls are delicious and they allow us to make incessant, juvenile “ball” jokes. They are at the Tap Room on Thursdays and Saturdays.

El Caribe Arepas: Becki and Igor know what they’re doing when it comes to divine pockets of arepa goodness. Swing by and see them on Sundays for a pint/arepa combo that will knock your calcentines off.

Don’t forget to ask our Tap Room rockstars what beer to pair with your dish! They are happy to help and, most days, the carts offer a pint/food deal that’s out of this world!