Big Ups to All Y’all

March 13, 2012


Thanks to everyone who made our trip to SXSW so special. It was great to spend time with the boys from Untappd, the gracious and attentive staff at Ginger Man, the friendly barkeeps at Easy Tiger, the hilarious and welcoming Mel and Flash from TapHunter (plus, Peg!), uber-smart Terry from Antler and the firecracker of the group, @SchneiderMike.

We also had the pleasure of visiting Independence Brewing, Live Oak and Hops and Grain. Thanks to all these awesome brewers for showing us some serious hospitality. Plus, big gracias to Chris Spradley, now at Rahr and Sons for being a livesaver in the pouring rain! Plus, Tony Drewry is hilarious.

We had a great time, in large part due to the friendly, helpful and hilarious people we met throughout the weekend. Cheers, Texas!

Great Divide + SXSW + Untappd

March 6, 2012


This week, we will be making the trip to Austin, TX for SXSW Interactive. We will be joining our pals Untappd for a panel about beer, social media and how location-based services bolster the social pint, called Social + Location + Mobile = The Perfect Beer. If you’ll be at the fest, make sure you swing by and see us!

To reach us at the fest, you can tweet to @greatdividebrew. We’ll be all around the city and we’d love to hear from you! Make sure you use the hashtag #sxbeerpanel, too!

Cheers to social beers!

Yeti Emerges To Celebrate Leap Day

February 27, 2012


This Wednesday, Leap Day, will mark the emergence of the Yeti. Celebrate this rare day with these rare, vintage beasts. Stop by the Tap Room between 2 and 10pm and get a taste of these brews:

2007 Yeti Imperial Stout

2010 Yeti Imperial Stout

2009 Oak Aged Yeti Imperial Stout

Dare to stare down a Yeti?

Ode to Hiber Cat

February 21, 2012


Oh, Hibernation cat, you’re cute and you’re wise,

Your taste in craft beer is most genius, we surmise.

Our salutes to you, you wily lil’ guy,

If only ye had thumbs, more Great Divide you could buy.

February 17, 2012


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The Immortal Kernel

February 9, 2012


Oh, to ponder the profundity of the immortal kernel. From nothing, emerging out of the dew-dappled prairies it rises as merely a sprout, but soon its hardy stalks are foisted towards the heavens. A journey begins.

Under the power of an infernal sun, the dry kernel writhes and dapples—a puckering crescendo. Standing at the precipice of maturity, malevolent threshing orphans the kernel. With barely a husk by which to cling, it awaits its fate.

The ardor of malting. That fickle beast, requires dichotomy: the drying and the absorption of precious water and the cooling and heating of directed winds. The stunted sprout—a tale left unfinished.

A painful twist through the mill. The archaic, grinding mechanisms of a gnaw. A crack, a breaking in two. Stigmata to a sacrificial lamb.

The mash. That baptismal fount from whence the kernel is forever changed. The swirling mists of a bubbling cauldron.

The end glory—that bubbling, aromatic potion that delights the mirthful masses. That golden liquid—a rich luxury. All from but a tiny kernel.

Day In The Life: Old Ruffian

February 8, 2012


(Yep, we’re bringing back our Day In The Life Series! You can find more Day In The Life entries herehere and here.)

OK, so I’m up in the woods, right? All of a sudden—BAM—one helluva grizz comes up on me. I mean a big ol’ gal, maybe 6, 700 pounds of Mama Bear. Turns out, I’m standing between her and her cubs. She lets out a beastly rukus—nearly blows my damn eardrums out. Do you think I stepped down? Naw, I just stared her straight back in her beady black eyes and gave a good wild man growl. She comes lumberin’ at me but—POW—I deck her right in the kisser with my good hand. I stand still, facing her with my dukes up. She circles around me with her head down. I grab a cub as my spoils. He lives with me now in my backcountry cabin. Makes a damn fine watch bear. His name is James. And that’s the story of how I defeated MamaGrizz.

Super Bowl Beer Snacks

February 3, 2012


Perhaps you’re headed to a Super Bowl party this Sunday and are inspired to show up with a killer dish in hand. When asked the question ‘so what did you bring?’ can any answer be more awesome than ‘drunken beans’? This recipe is best made a day ahead of time and goes down deliciously when accompanied by warm tortillas and washed down with beer. So go ahead and sacrifice a bottle, just have another one in hand to drink while you’re cooking.

Drunken Yeti Beans

serves approx. 8 (as a side dish)


4 cups cooked beans, mixture of kidney, pinto, and/or similar style (3 cans, but best results from dried)

1 cup chicken stock
1 1/2 cups dark beer (used 1 cup Claymore Scotch Ale + 1/2 cup Espresso Oak Aged Yeti)

1 bay leaf
3 slices bacon, diced
1 medium onion, coarsely chopped
5 garlic cloves, chopped
1 pound mushrooms, coarsely chopped

2 Tbsp bottled chili sauce

2 Tbsp honey

1 Tbsp Dijon mustard

1 Tbsp apple cider vinegar
kosher salt and black pepper, to taste
Chopped cilantro + lime wedges for serving

1) Heat beans plus stock until just boiling.

2) Add the beer, bay leaf, and simmer for about 20 minutes.

3) Meanwhile, in an ungreased heavy skillet over medium heat, cook the bacon until crispy. Remove bacon to a paper towel-lined plate and pour off all but 1 tablespoon of excess bacon fat. Keep the flame at medium and cook the onion and garlic in bacon fat until translucent and fragrant, about 10 minutes. Add the mushrooms and cook until soft. Add the cooked bacon back in and stir. Transfer this mixture to beans.

4) In separate bowl whisk together chili sauce, honey, mustard, and vinegar and stir into pot with beans.

5) Season liberally with kosher salt and black pepper to taste, and simmer for 10 minutes longer to allow flavors to blend. Add more stock, if needed.

6) Serve with chopped cilantro, lime wedges and warm tortillas, as desired. And remember folks, recipes work best when used as a guideline and not an assembly manual.

Calling All Thirsty Auteurs:

January 30, 2012


We’re looking for a rad local filmmaker that is willing to work for beer trade and local fame. We are hoping to make a short Yeti vid and we need your help! If interested, please with some examples of your work.

Hope to be working with you soon!

Yeti As Muse


Yeti As Muse

Every once in a while, we get awesome beer-inspired emails from our splendid fans. Here’s a super cool poem from our pal David Ganz in South Bend, IN.

Ballade of the Yeti

A lonely cloud I choose to stroll, or roam
Along the chartered streets around South Bend
To find a bar where I may find a home,
A stool, a glass, a table or a friend.
My tastes still splendid, so my way I’ll wend
Still lonely, clouded: further than the jetty
St Joseph’s lake beyond, and at its end
A glimpse of Mark, the bar, and, lo, the Yeti.

The Fates decide what we may make or mend
Circling the glories of the Golden Dome.
Far better verses better bards have penned
Far better hairs to split (or raise, or comb.)
Until you hold the glass, the head of foam.
Your belly filled with pasta or spaghetti.
Bologna, Puttanesca. Even Rome
Can cook no sauce appropriate to the Yeti.

Across Alaska, Anchorage to Nome
Eschewing Palin, once the rising trend
I seek electric bodies, volt and ohm
Spark waves and currents which I cannot blend
I pause and wait for Nature to extend
A park of the MidWest, a Seringhetti
Where lions crunch each pious reverend
And what those lions leave falls to the Yeti.

Princess, when on your bard your eyes you bend.
As he completes his twenty seventh tome
Pour him his beer, make of him a legend
To raise his glass to leprechaun, or gnome
The gladiators and the hippodrome
The chariots, all covered in confetti,
The moonlight glitters of the fender’s chrome
I’ll no more poem, Princess, make mine a Yeti.