Day In The Life: Hibernation, Fresh Hop and Oak Aged Yeti


Hibernation English Style Old Ale: Sup, ladies? I’m back. I know you’ve been waiting all year long to curl up next to me in front of a crackling fire. I’ll swoon you. I’ll swoon you so hard. You like a robust beer with a hearty character? Boom—I’m right here. Yeah, the weather is getting colder out there. All the more reason to stay inside.

Fresh Hop Pale Ale: Seems like everyone these days has abandoned au natural. With everyone plumping, slicing, injecting and liposuctioning, it’s refreshing to know I’m one of the oddballs. No fluff here. All you’ll get with me is the good stuff—fresh, sticky, lupulin-filled Cascades, Centennials and Simcoes. While the others may be spending their time under the knife, I get my natural beauty from the good ol’ green earth. Come on friend, take a walk on the real side.

Oak Aged Yeti Imperial Stout: I’m on a one-Yeti mission to avenge our unfair reputation. For years, we’ve gotten a serious bad rap. Like we’re all dirty, snarling monsters wandering the frigid expanses of the Nepalese wilderness scaring children, hiding in caves and just being generally malicious outcasts. All I ask is you just give me a chance. My oak aging makes me a subtle, docile, well-mannered beast. You wanna hear a Yeti purr?

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