Weekend Pairing


Welcome to our series highlighting the bountiful world of beer&cheese pairings. Join us each week as we explore a new turophilic delight paired with our seasonal and year-round brews.


Fromager D’Affinois paired with Hoss Rye Lager

This popular cheese is mild, buttery, sweet and pairs well with fresh fruit and a fireplace.  Fromager d’Affinois is reminiscent of a triple-crème because of its luscious, silky, full mouth feel; but alas, is a mere double crème.  Not to be overlooked, this smooth, milky brie is a great crowd pleaser.

Hoss possesses rich, layered malt notes with hints of cherry.  It finishes clean and crisp while imparting slightly earthy, spicy characteristics.

Après-ski, sledding, or after a brisk hike – this pairing is seductive and addicting, especially with a warm baguette tossed in the mix.

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