Day In The Life: Old Ruffian


(Yep, we’re bringing back our Day In The Life Series! You can find more Day In The Life entries herehere and here.)

OK, so I’m up in the woods, right? All of a sudden—BAM—one helluva grizz comes up on me. I mean a big ol’ gal, maybe 6, 700 pounds of Mama Bear. Turns out, I’m standing between her and her cubs. She lets out a beastly rukus—nearly blows my damn eardrums out. Do you think I stepped down? Naw, I just stared her straight back in her beady black eyes and gave a good wild man growl. She comes lumberin’ at me but—POW—I deck her right in the kisser with my good hand. I stand still, facing her with my dukes up. She circles around me with her head down. I grab a cub as my spoils. He lives with me now in my backcountry cabin. Makes a damn fine watch bear. His name is James. And that’s the story of how I defeated MamaGrizz.