Ask and Ye Shall Receive

Perhaps you prefer Hercules in 12oz bottles? Maybe you’d like to try one of of Yeti Clan series? Maybe you had a DPA in the Tap Room and you can’t find it at your local store, restaurant or bar. Good news, faithful friends. All of these problems can be solved!

We love being able to provide y’all with the bold, flavorful beers you’ve come to expect from us. One way we can continue to do so, is if you ask your local bar, liquor store or restaurant if they could consider carrying your favorite Great Divide draft or package. Everyone wins–you get the tasty Great Divide beer you want, the establishment nods to contented customers and we get to provide you with all the delicious beer you can drink.

Don’t see your favorite GD beer at your local liquor store? Make a request! Don’t see Hoss on tap and you could really go for a rye lager? Never hurts to ask!

Thanks for drinking Great Divide and cheers to many more beers!