A Fresh Hop Meditation

Now that all of our Fresh Hop has been brewed and is biding its time in our Tank Farm to become delicious, lupulin-laced pale ale, our brew team can rest. After 5 days of brewing, our 6 brewers can put their feet up–600 barrels later. As the cooler filled with boxes upon boxes of wet hops set to be boiled, brewery employees amassed, enjoying the aroma. However, that delivery marks the busiest time of year for brewers and ushers in the beginning of a annual labor of love.

Thanks to Taylor, Austin, Chris, Tyler, Bryan and Bryan (not a typo, we have more Brian/Bryans than we know what to do with around here!) for all their hard work. Between shoveling whole-cone Simcoes, Centennials and Cascades into the kettle, shoveling them out after the boil, taking gravities and monitoring boils, our brewing team rocked it. Once Fresh Hop is pouring in the Tap Room, we will lift a glass to you!

Fresh Hop should be available around GABF (October 11-13). With fresh citrus and piney notes, it’s not to be missed!