Great Divide Grillin' Guide


Friends, it’s that time of year again. Even though we enjoy 300 days of sunshine here in the Centennial State, we know that you can’t beat summer grilling. Of course, nothing goes better with grilled grub than beer, especially our bold, balanced brews. Here’s a grilling guide to make your next al fresco evening a smash! Remember, great grilling starts with Great Divide.


Starters and Sides


Veggie Skewers & Titan IPA

Zucchini, bell peppers and onions make for crisp, healthy kabobs sure to please both veg heads and carnivores alike. Marinated in extra virgin olive oil, sea salt and cracked black pepper, these straightforward skewers pair perfectly with the citrus hop character of our flagship Titan IPA. Start your party off with a stalwart brew and an easy crowd-pleaser.

Grilled Sweet Corn On The Cob & Showdown Rye IPA

This state fair staple is all grown up when slathered with butter and Aleppo pepper. The smooth, cumin-like heat of pepper and the sweet, seasonal smack of the corn are a match made in heaven. Our new rye IPA, Showdown, is a hardy, burly beer that re-imagines what an India Pale Ale can be. Only available from July-September, it was born for the grill.


Meaty Mains


Barbeque Chicken & Hoss Rye Lager

Whether you’re an old-fashioned Texas BBQ fan, a Carolina vinegar devotee or a Kansas City barbeque disciple, charbroiled chicken is an all-American fave. Subtly smoky, juicy chicken and Hoss Rye Lager couldn’t be better together. Hoss’ earthy, spicy notes and its brilliant red-orange sunset hue destine it for long, easy summer nights.

Grill-Seared Ahi Loin & Colette Farmhouse Ale

When temperatures soar, something a bit more delicate suits the soiree. Fresh, healthy ahi loins can be a welcome alternative to heavier dishes. Plus, the simplicity of the dish allows Colette’s complex vibrancy to sparkle. Fruity and slightly tart, this saucy minx pairs beautifully with fish and delivers an unparalleled crispness.

Bison Burger & Nomad Pilsner

What could be more Colorado than a bison burger and a locally-made lager? This new spin on the classic burger-and-beer trope proves a burger doesn’t have to be boring and a lighter lager doesn’t have to be lifeless. Top your burger with sauteed sweet onions and a smooth cheddar to meet old-school with new. We have one rule for our cookouts–no swill allowed.

Grilled Leg Of Lamb & Claymore Scotch Ale

For an international pairing that’s other-worldly, try a Middle Eastern-inspired yogurt/lemon zest/rosemary marinade on a sultry leg of lamb and pair it with our tribute to the “wee heavy” beers of Scotland. Claymore’s deep-ruby allure and subtle caramel notes evoke the languid tail end of a hot summer night. No dark beer in summer? Think again.


For Your Sweetie Pie


Outdoor S’Mores & Oatmeal Yeti Imperial Stout

Translate this camping favorite into a backyard bonanza with just a cast iron skillet. Fill the bottom of the skillet with semi-sweet chocolate chips (and a few peanut butter chips for added richness) and top with large, fluffy marshmallows. Heat it up on the grill until it becomes a melty delight. Dig in with graham crackers and toast the evening with our newest roasty, full-bodied member of the Yeti Clan. Sweet and easy? Turns out, you can have it all.