Paste Magazine: Of Dreck & Drink: Love in the Time of Monsters and Great Divide Espresso Yeti

“…And yet, sometimes a perfect Dreck & Drink pairing just comes along and insists upon itself. I knew I might head down this road as soon as I laid eyes on a bomber of Great Divide’s Espresso Oak-Aged Yeti Imperial Stout, but I resisted the beck and call of that responsibility. In truth, what it became was a battle of wills between me and the beer, which remained tucked away in the back of my fridge for months, taunting me with its existence. “I want to drink this,” I would occasionally think, “… but not badly enough to actually go out of my way in acquiring a Bigfoot movie.” And that’s how things remained until an unsolicited email showed up in my inbox from the producers of a new horror movie oddly titled Love in the Time of Monsters. Reading the description, I could see that my fate was sealed. Providence had thrust a Bigfoot movie into my hands and allowed me to enact the battle I knew was coming: Yeti vs. Sasquatch. Himalayan man-ape vs. Pacific Northwest man-ape for the title of Mannest of the Men Apes. Which of the two is the finer example of its style?…” Read the full article from Paste Magazine.

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