Ultra 5280: Great Divide Brewery's 21st Anniversary Party

“It’s a special moment in Colorado Craft Beer history when one of the local breweries turns as old as 21. Not only can they drink legally and spend all of their money chasing tail at the bar, but they can say that they’ve beaten the odds. It is not an easy feat to turn a side hobby into a craft beer empire… it takes guts, but mostly it just takes brewing delicious beer. And Great Divide definitely has both of those things, tenfold.

The brewery in itself is an institution. Most likely the biggest storage container warehouse we’ve ever seen. The anniversary party was held outside adjacent to the brewery, so sadly we were not able to peek inside upon our craft beer heaven. We can only imagine that it would have involved a lot of open mouth breathing and some stalkerish stares on our part… ” Read more from Ultra 5280.

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