Craft Beer: Beer Styles Built for Surefire Cellaring

“Unless you’ve been living under an oak barrel the past year or two, you’ve no doubt heard the concept of aging certain beers: Tucking bottles away in a cool dark place to mature, no differently than you would a fine wine.

It seems like everyone and their brother is squirreling away random bombers in their “beer cellar” (a.k.a. refrigerator crisper drawer) in the hope that…something…will happen. But most folks can’t pinpoint exactly what it is they’re expecting, except for the vague notion that the beer will ‘get better.’

The good news, in some cases, is that they’re right. Some beers do get better with age. A British barleywine, for example, will often slowly mellow from a boozy bomb to a sweet dessert-in-a-glass. And the bracing acidity of a gueuze will often fade to allow the beer’s nuances to shine…” Read more from Craft Beer.

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