Brooklyn Magazine: Jameson Becomes ‘Drinking Buddies’ With 5 Craft Breweries to Create Barrel-Aged Beers

“Jameson whiskey and craft beer: they go together like cats and the Internet, or pie and fireworks. Up until recently, though, we hadn’t really thought about the potential joy of combining these two drinking staples, other than in a super-fancy shot-and-a-brew special. But Jameson has taken it a step further with its Drinking Buddies program, an initiative to combine the passions and inspiration of Irish whiskey and American craft beer.

Jameson invited a handful of craft brewers from all over the United States to visit the Jameson distillery in Ireland, then sent the brewmasters home with their very own Jameson-soaked whiskey barrels–empty, but still redolent of sweet, smooth, delicious Jameson. The brewers were then assigned one of the most mouthwatering tasks we could imagine: to craft a beer that would be a perfect match for Jameson, and take on a new dimension from aging inside a Jameson barrel…” Watch the Denver episode below and read more from Brooklyn Magazine.

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