Join the Great Divide Beer & Bike Club

For the love of beer and bikes! Bike season isn’t over yet, and for those of who you continue to use your two wheels to get around, we want to celebrate your dedication. Every time you bring your Great Divide 6-pack bike carrier in with you to buy a 6-pack of beer to-go, we’ll buy you a pint to show you how great we think you are for riding your bike.

(Cue infomercial voiceover): But wait! There’s more…IMG_4386 1Buy a bike carrier at either location before November 9th and we’ll hook you up with a 6-pack of Lasso! Why? Don’t ask questions. Just run with it. Or, better said, bike with it. Hop on your bike and come join the coolest club in town, the GD Beer & Bike Club that is.

You can also snag one of these bad boys online in the Hop Shop, check it out!

(Must be 21+ to participate. Valid at the Tap Room and Barrel Bar)