13 Reasons Why You Can’t Miss Great Divide’s 22nd Anniversary Party – Buzzfeed Style

We’re one week out from the big event. Here are some solid reasons why you can’t miss this year’s party:


1. Four hours of unlimited beer samples aka Unlimited BEER

2. Beers so rare you’d have to create the listing on Untapped before you could even check them in


3. Pizza, Wings, Tacos, Burgers, BBQ and Vegetarian Goodness


4. The unforgettable experience of dancing with a Yeti to live CO bands


5. 15 pounds of Sweet Action Ice Cream for Beer Floats


6. This awesome complimentary stainless steel pint glass


7. Taste the NEW Denver Pale Ale in its sweet new can


8. Be one of the first to try the 22nd Anniversary Dark American Sour Ale

taylor-swift-22-gif 2


9. Avoiding the inevitable feeling of FOMO and regret when you realize you’ve made a huge mistake by not attending


10. Having your first “Yeti Experience”


11. If you say “please sir, can I have some more?” we’ll say yes. Over, and over, and over again

12. You could hypothetically find the brewer that made each beer that you try and drink it with them, hypothetically


13. You get to drink outside with the Rocky Mountains as a backdrop, listening to live music, and you’re still IN a city


See you next Saturday! If you haven’t purchased tickets yet, get them here before it’s too late!

BONUS Reason: 

You can tell your friends they can pickle whatever they want, but you like to eat Brewed Food