Bold Character: Meet Sepp

Bold Character is more than just a catchphrase at Great Divide, it’s the philosophy behind what we brew, how we think, and what we believe. We’d like to introduce you to another Bold Character around here, Adam Seppala.

How long have you worked at Great Divide?img_4986-1

About 4 years

What is your favorite GD beer?


What is your favorite GD Icon and why?

Hades… I liked the 3 headed dog.

What’s your position at GD?

Supervisor for the warehouse

Have you always had that position/how’d you start working for GD?

I have always worked in the warehouse but I got the position by setting the record for most consecutive days drinking in the Tap Room. My brother and I started hanging out at GD in 2005, so I got to know everybody really well.

Tell us about your Nabisco days and filling the break room with old Oreos
and EZ Cheese.

I worked as a sales rep for Kraft Nabisco for 5 years and any expired product had to be taken out of the store, sometimes a store manager wanted it out ASAP so I would load up my car and head to the brewery. My fondest memory was our old brewer Austin taking 2 boxes of Chicken and a Biscuit, some EZ cheese, duct taping the EZ cheese to the boxes and thanking me for lunch that day.

We heard you’re like, kind of okay at golf. Why’d you leave the golf course for the warehouse?

I got sick of working on the weekends.

What’s your lowest score on a round of golf?

65 messing around with my friends, 66 in a tournament.

Do you get the gout?img_5002

Sure do, haven’t had a Colette in years.

What would we catch you drinking on a Saturday night (besides beer) and what would we hear you complaining about?

Evan Williams and people driving down my street too fast.

We heard you’re a HUGE Yankees fan, is that true?

Big negative on that one, born and raised in New Hampshire I’m a Boston fan. I grew up closer to Montreal though, with the drinking age at 18 in Canada I rooted for the Expos as well.

What’s it like working for Raff?

Raff is great. Keeps us informed and up to date.

If you had to pick one celebrity you have caddied for to have a beer with, who would it be and what GD beer would you drink?

Without a doubt… Joe Namath. Back in 2003 old Joe was being interviewed on Monday Night Football and was heavily intoxicated. Slurring his words and trying to kiss Suzy Kolber (google it) the interview was cut short. About a month later in Jupiter, FL I got to carry his clubs and fetch him Miller Lites for the round. If he was in the tap room today I would drink Old Ruff with him. That old guy liked to party!