Bold Characters Make it to Rio: Summer Olympics 2016

Ever wonder what our beers get up to in the off-season? Being a world-class beer takes training and our Bold Characters train to be the best of the best. Apparently, that training paid off because some of them are headed to Rio to compete in the 2016 Summer Olympics! Ranging from Archery to the Hammer Throw, these Bold Characters have been training for the past four years to compete at the Olympics and show the world what they’ve got. We’re so proud and can’t wait to watch them compete in Rio! Who knew our Bold Characters were so sporty? Go for gold, Team Bold Character!

                           Old Ruffian: Boxing

old-ruff-iconOld Ruffian has spent his time training between the boxing gym and the streets. Getting into dirty street fights has heightened his senses and toned his instincts. His knack for picking fights has brought him all the way to Rio for the 2016 Summer Olympics.

titan_claymoreClaymore & Titan: Fencing

Two Bold Characters, Claymore and Titan, will face off in this summer’s fencing event. Two skilled men from different backgrounds, with unique styles, will compete for the gold. Will it be the Scotchman or the Greek who comes out on top?

hercules-iconHercules: Weightlifting

The Crossfit training that Hercules immersed himself in has led him all the way to Rio where he will compete against the strongest men in the world. Although he will be lifting in the lowest weight category (56kg) Hercules is definitely one to watch.

yeti-iconYeti: 800 Meter Track & Field

As you can imagine, Yeti has had a lifetime of training leading up to Rio. He’s run hundreds of miles, climbed mountains and dodged humans his entire life and it as all led him here where he will compete in the men’s 800-meter dash. Keep your eye out, though, he’s so fast and elusive, you may never even see him compete.

hoss-iconHoss: Hammer Throw

We all know Hoss can throw down with an axe but he’s also got a knack for the hammer throw. All those days spent chopping wood have prepared him for the biggest throw down of his life.

coletteColette: Javelin Throw

That pitchfork isn’t just for show. Colette’s lifetime of work on the farm has culminated into a natural talent for javelin throwing. This summer in Rio, the heels will come off and Colette will show us what she’s really made of.

whitewater-iconWhitewater: Beach Volley

Don’t let the dad bod fool you. This bear can play a mean game of beach volleyball. Perhaps it is his girth and unassuming stature that throws his opponents off. Whatever the case, Whitewater will be spiking balls left and right at the beach in Rio.

nadia-iconNadia Kali: Rhythmic Gymnastics

Her dainty figure makes her a natural rhythmic gymnast. Nadia fought hard to be here and danced her way into the hearts of the Olympic trial judges. She’ll have one chance to prove to the world that she belongs here, can she do it?

dpa-iconDenver Pale Ale: Water Polo

Built for aquatic sports, this Rhino brings the heat in the pool. Although from time to time, he may accidentally pop the ball, Denver Pale Ale can play a mean game of water polo.

orabelle-iconOrabelle: Archery

Orabelle has been practicing archery since before Katniss made it cool. She comes to Rio with a natural skill set that will be hard to match.


Unfortunately, one character is unable to make it to Rio this year. Hibernation will have to sit this one out and wait two more years for his chance at the 2018 Winter Olympics, he’s afraid of the water in Rio anyways.

Good luck to all the athletes out there! Go for gold, team Bold Character!