The Daily Beast: Three Drinks In Denver, Colorado

“Denver is synonymous with beer. From craft darlings to the massive Coors facility in nearby Golden—the largest brewery in the country—the Mile High City has a wealth of excellent brews.

But thanks to Rob Dietrich, it also has a supply of excellent whiskey. For the last 10 years, Dietrich has been distilling Stranahan’s Colorado Whiskey, a single malt made right in the heart of Denver. Now, as master distiller, he’s in charge of the cult favorite, whose fans line up overnight in the snow to get a chance to buy the limited-edition Snowflake bottling…

Great Divide is almost certainly the best-known of Denver’s many, many craft breweries, and you’ll often find Dietrich there occupying a barstool. Just blocks from Coors Field, home of the Rockies, the main brewery’s taproom offers 16 taps of Great Divide’s year-round favorites and special-edition seasonal beers. In the winter, Dietrich loves this rich and hoppy brew, which has many of the same rich, caramel notes as his whiskey, but, he warns, “it only takes one, as it packs a wallop. (In the summer, Dietrich prefers Hoss, an earthy and fruity rye lager.)” Read the full article here.

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