Paste Magazine: Next Gen Brews: 8 Fast-Rising Denver Breweries

You know that a city’s beer scene is deep when you can visit it for multiple days, exclusively to explore said beer scene, and barely make a dent in the surface.

That’s me and the city of Denver. In the past two years, I’ve been to Denver four times, and every single time it was for beer. Two of them were for the Great American Beer Fest, the country’s largest beer competition. The other two times were specifically to explore beer of the Colorado front range, and Denver in particular…

Great Divide Barrel Bar

Alright, so Great Divide obviously doesn’t qualify as new blood in Denver, given that it was founded in 1994 and produces more than 40,000 barrels per year, but they do have a brand new Ri-No facility and “barrel bar,” and I would be remiss if I didn’t stop by to check out the expansion plans of Denver’s largest craft brewery. As a bonus, it’s right across the street from the amazing sours of Crooked Stave in the communal “Source” building…” see the full article here.

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