Confluence Denver – Beer or Die: Brewing Education in Denver

“The insignia resembles an outlaw motorcycle gang’s, worn on the back of a leather or denim jacket: ‘Hop Disciples . . . Denver, CO . . . Beer Or Die.’

The Hop Disciples logo shows the wearer’s true colors. But, no, the Hop Disciples aren’t getting into rumbles with fictional rivals like the Malt Banditos or Hell’s Yeast over beer-ingredient supremacy. The biker-esque design is strictly a catchy piece of merchandising that has been emblazoned on T-shirts, hoodies and trucker hats marketed by Denver’s Great Divide Brewing Co. since 2008 (originating around the same time as the TV show Sons of Anarchy).

The same name also denotes a free, friendly educational program now offered on a monthly basis by the brewery.

Hop Disciples meetings certainly don’t take place in a noisy clubhouse of greasy cycle repair shop: They take place, instead, in a makeshift classroom on a mezzanine above Great Divide’s loudly hissing and chugging, spotless canning line at its 35th Street and Brighton Boulevard location (with hop vines growing decoratively outside) …” See the full article here.

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