Craft Beer Holiday Gifts

Finding the right gift for the craft beer nerd in your life can be a daunting task. So, we’ve created the perfect list of craft beer holiday gifts for any beer lover out there.


Yeti 3-Pack 

This holiday season, give the gift of Yeti with our Yeti 3-pack complete with a stainless steel carabiner mug that reads, “Yeti In A Coffee Cup Looks Like Coffee In A Coffee Cup”. This Yeti 3-pack is the one stop shop for your holiday craft beer gift giving needs made up of 3 different Yetis. Only available in select markets (not online), this craft beer gift pack will have any beer connoisseur proclaiming, “I Believe”!

Barrel Aged Spiegelau Glass + Barrel Aged Yeti 

Gift the essence of class this year with our limited edition, specialty Barrel Aged Spiegelau glasses. We teamed up with Green Flash, Uinta and Cigar City to create a new Spiegelau glass made specifically for barrel aged beers. These specialty glasses have been designed to illuminate nuances and flavors derived from the barrel aging process. A pair of these bad boys plus a bottle of BA Yeti will be sure to knock any beer lovers socks right off! Snag the glasses off the Hop Shop and find some BA Yeti near you with our Beer Finder App.

bike-carrier6-Pack Bike Carrier 

For the beer drinking bike enthusiast in your life, give them this party-on-the-go gift. Meant to fit the top tube of most bicycles, this carrier attaches to itself with Velcro on the inside. Plus, it can be used as a nifty hand-held 6-pack carrier. This is a win-win, can’t-lose kind of a gift!

Yeti Mugyeti-mug_whitebackground

Did you know that Yeti in a coffee cup, looks like coffee in a coffee cup? Well now you know. Share this incredible life hack and stainless steel carabiner mug with your favorite drinking buddy! It’s the perfect beer (or coffee) vessel for the office and outdoor drinking activities.

Stocking Stuffersstocking-stuffers

Finding all the goodies inside your stocking may be the best part about the holidays. Pop sockets, bike lights, stickers, gift cards, buffs, beanies, and t-shirts, are all perfect items to surprise and delight with!

Other Cool Stuff 

Check out our Great Gifts page on our Hop Shop for more holiday craft beer gift ideas!



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