The Beer Necessities: The Pros and Cons of Cellaring Your Beer

“The vast majority of beers are best enjoyed as fresh as possible, but a select few styles possess qualities that will allow the liquid to positively evolve when carefully stowed away. The resulting new array of flavors isn’t better, mind you, since that’s a loaded word — but different! Similarly, you wouldn’t say that I’m better looking than Channing Tatum (though I am, objectively) — you’d simply say I’m just different.

Plenty has already been written about how to properly store your beer for an extended period of time, but we’re much more interested in exploring whether you should, or should not cellar your beer in the first place. We spoke to Certified Cicerone and beer/food pairing expert Jensen Cummings of Brewed Food to learn all about the pros and cons of aging your suds….

Other styles people love to age are imperial stouts (e.g. Goose Island Bourbon County Brand Stout or Great Divide Oak Aged Yeti), barleywines (e.g. Sierra Nevada Bigfoot), and smoked beers (Germany’s Aecht Schlenkerla Rauchbier Märzen), as they all also taste delicious after some time in a cellar…”

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