Fox 31 Denver: Like Beer? Wanna know more about Denver? Go to Great Divide.

“DENVER — Great Divide Brewing Company is doing something unique to help native and transplant visitors learn more about their community.

This summer, the craft brewery released its limited series: ‘Local Knowledge’.

Each month, brewers are creating new drinks with hyper local flair.

“The first Local Knowledge release was a Hazy IPA,” said Brandon Jacobs, Brewing Manager.

Jacobs said the Hazy IPA flew off the shelves almost instantly. Because it’s a limited series, the brewers are only making a small amount of each brew.

“And then when it’s gone, it’s gone and we move on to the next one,” Jacobs said.

The six packs come with bookmarks featuring useful knowledge about the Denver area. They’re tips for folks looking to know more secrets about the Mile High City.

To learn more about the tips and the brews, click here.”

Click here to see the full article.


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