Westword: Lucha Libre & Laughs: Stampede At The Square

“Perennial Westword favorite Lucha Libre & Laughs steps back into the ring at the Oriental Theater next month, but producer/ befuddled referee Nick Gossert has another free show planned to tide fans over, this time at the Square on 21st. While the pop-up summertime park may have taken up some convenient parking spots, it’s been a whimsical addition to the cityscape that livens up the busy thoroughfare in the heart of the Ballpark neighborhood. With bouts between Nanny AC, Allie Gato, The Insatiable Johnny Crash, Cormac Battle, The Miracle that is Tony and Hunter Gray leading up to the main event, there’s an abundance of ringside thrills even before former LLL Champion Royce Isaacs faces off against the acrobatic Len Parker. Fans can also enjoy refreshments from Altos Tequila and Great Divide Brewing Company while chortling away at running color commentary from local standups Nathan Lund and Mitch Jones.”

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