303: Griz Now has a Beer with Great Divide

Local legend GRiZ, or Grant Kwiecinski, is taking over Red Rocks this weekend and kicking it all off with a sold-out “rehearsal” with his live band at The Ogden on Thursday. Right in time for the shows comes the announcement that Kwiecinski is releasing a beer in collaboration with Great Divide Brewing. The peachy take on Great Divide’s staple beer, Colette is titled “Chasing the Golden Hour” after GRiZ’s recent mixtape of the same name. Now that GRiZ has a libation, you can officially get twisted off GRiZ products — he also has a marijuana strain, GRiZ Kush. In his own words on Facebook, GRiZ said, “First weed now beer, this is crazy!”

The beer was created on August 2 of this year. Leave it to GRiZ to create anything but a weak brew. Chasing the Golden Hour is 7.3 percent ABV. Kwiecinski kept it local, too having worked with Great Divide Brewing and using Colorado peaches. Though loaded with refreshing peach flavor, the beer is still described as dry and complex. According to Great Divide’s marketing manager, Shannon Berner, Griz was hands on in the process.

“He was definitely was not just looking to slap his name on something. He really wanted to make something fun and original while also making sure it worked well with us,” said Berner. “When he came by to film the video, he took the lead and came in with an idea, laid out the shots and scripted it on the spot. It turned out hilarious, and he did an awesome job of including our brewers and staff in it so everyone was involved. His whole team was great to work with.”

Chasing the Golden Hour will be on draft tomorrow, Wednesday, August 30 at Great Divide and Great Divide Barrel Bar as well as Larimer Lounge, The Gothic Theatre and The Ogden Theatre, meaning it will be poured at his sold-out Ogden rehearsal on Thursday.

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