SF Weekly: Dude’s Name Is GRiZ

“One of the most bonkers sets in Outside Lands history occurred on the evening of the third day in 2016, when GRiZ took over the Soundstage for a short DJ set. The bass was set to the maximum, the crowd was almost ferociously riled up, and the electro-soul and “future-funk” EDM artist tore into a dizzyingly attention-deficient half-hour of power.

GRiZ remembers it well, too, telling SF Weekly that, “I was crowdsurfing, man — during the DJ set. I was going nuts. It was like, ‘Let’s have as much fun as we possibly can. I think it was like a half-hour set.’ ”

Fast-forward barely more than a year, and GRiZ has sold out two nights at Colorado’s outdoor venue Red Rocks, one of which was solo while the other featured a 12-piece live band. He’s released a mixtape called Chasing the Golden Hour 2 and a beer with Great Divide Brewing Company that riffs on their Golden Hour Ale. And his Instagram bursts with grins and messages of uplift.

The Flaming Lips famously recorded a song called “Evil Will Prevail,” but that was the mid-’90s and this is now. Even though the world is clearly falling to shit, positivity trumps Gen X anomie any day — and 27-year-old Denver DJ, saxophonist, and electronic producer Grant Kwiecinski, better known as GRiZ, continues to radiate a hazy, slightly goofy sunshine on his Good Will Continue tour, which brings him to San Francisco’s Warfield Theatre on Friday and Saturday, Oct. 13 and 14….”


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