Holiday Beer Gifts

Beer Gifts for Any Beer Connoisseur in Your Life:

Whether you celebrate, Christmas, Hannakah, Kwanzaa, or Chrismukkah, the holidays have arrived and it’s time to start crossing people off your shopping list. And there is no doubt that you have at least one craft beer fan on your list.



Beer people are hard to shop for, believe us, we know. Besides giving them the obvious gift of good beer, it’s difficult to find unique and cool gifts for the beer nerds in your life. Even if you do buy them that smoked pumpkin spice sour cherry porter because it seemed “neat” at the bottle shop, who knows if that’s even cool, or relevant, or even any good. Don’t gamble on buying another bad bomber this holiday season and get your beer nerd cousin Steve something he never knew he needed. Check out our list of beer gifts below for ideas for any beer connoisseur on your list.

The Artsy Fartsy Beer Lover

We all know one of these, like your sister-in-law Juniper. They love the craftiness of craft beer, the artwork behind the brew. They themselves might even be an artist who simply enjoys a good craft beer. We’ve got an entire collection of great beer gifts for any artistic person on your list, our Denver Pale Ale No. 2 Artist Series Limited Edition Merchandise:

His & Hers Tees


License Plate Tacker 
Denver Pale Ale Can Glass 
Limited Edition Artwork Print 

The Extreme Sports Beer Lover

This one is a double whammy. What do you buy someone who loves to ski/snowboard or skateboard, but also is obsessed with beer? Psh, that’s easy, try one of our custom made GDBC skateboard decks or a pair of these epic custom designed Yeti skis and snowboard from Meier Skis. With these extreme sport beer gifts, ya really can’t go wrong.

GDBC Skateboard Deck
Meier Skis & Snowboard

The Believing Beer Lover

Everybody knows a believer. You may even be one yourself. Give the gift of believing this year with one of our amazing Yeti gifts. The Ugly Yeti Sweater is anything but ugly, it’s quite magical really, and will be a hit at any holiday sweater party. The Furry Yeti sign is perfect for turning someones “man cave” into a “Yeti cave”. And our custom made Yeti Yoga mat is perfect for indoor or outdoor yoga so they can practice like a Yeti.

Ugly Yeti Sweater
Furry Yeti Sign
Yoga Mat

The Biking & Beer Lover

Biking and beer go together like mac and cheese, peanut butter and jelly, Hall and Oates, Ben and Jerry, and Sonny and Cher. Our 6-pack bike carrier doubles as the perfect 6-pack carrier on the go, and our cycling jersey will impress any hardcore beer drinking cyclist in your life.

6-Pack Bike Carrier
GDBC Cycling Jersey


Stocking Stuffers

It’s the little things in life. Nobody can deny that stockings are actually the best part about Christmas. Instead of filling up those old socks with things they will never use, like silly putty, or Pez, or beef jerky sticks, stuff their stockings with some beer gifts!

Bar Wrench
Flash Tats
Gift Cards


Congratulations! You did it! You’ve crossed all those picky beer people off your list… now on to the grandparents…

For more beer gift ideas, check out our HopShop or stop by either location to pick up some beer and gear! Order by Dec. 17th for guranteed arrival before Christmas. 


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