Outdoorhub: Top 5 Microbrews For Outdoorsm

“Life doesn’t get much better than enjoying your favorite brew in the great outdoors. And whether you’re a seasoned outdoorsman or trying to grow out that scruff and break in your shiny new gear, the right beer can make that view you hiked all those miles for all the more satisfying.

For whatever the occasion, here are our five favorite beers to enjoy in the great outdoors…

Great Divide Heyday IPA

Great Divide Brewing Co., Denver, CO

With a massive social media campaign, Great Divide launched their newest flagship beer, the Heyday IPA, urging drinkers to have a heyday, and boy, should you ever. All of Great Divide’s many stellar offerings have some element of the outdoors woven into the can design, but this new entry into the busy IPA scene is quickly becoming one of our favorites. Expect to be able to grab a case anywhere Great Divide beers can be found shortly, and add it to your cooler for your next adventure.”


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