Food & Wine: 18 New Low(ish) ABV Beers That Are Barbecue-Friendly and Perfect for Summer

“Even for self-serious craft beer purists, knocking back a blood-warming, high-alcohol Belgian quad or Imperial stout at the height of summer isn’t all that appealing. It’s going to be hot and it’s going to be sunny, and most drinkers will be hunting for beers that lean toward the crisp, low-alcohol, refreshing end of the brewing spectrum.  The new beers on this list all fit that bill. While not all are strictly “sessionable”—a term usually reserved for beers that clock in south of 5 percent ABV—they’re close enough to ensure you can have a few at summer beach outings or BBQs without passing out under a nearby tree….

Heyday Modern IPA by Great Divide Brewing Co.

Even if you buy it in cans, this generously hopped new brew from Denver’s Great Divide demands a glass; its aroma bursts with citrus fruit and piney goodness. There’s a bitter bite here on the backend, but it’s on the soft end of the BTU scale compared to many IPAs.”

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