Denver Pale Ale Artist Series No.3

Great Divide Brewing Co. releases the third edition of their Denver Pale Ale Artist Series.


Denver Pale Ale Artist Series

We first launched our Denver Pale Ale Artists Series in June of 2016. The project was a way to pay tribute to the city we’ve called home for the past 24 years. We wanted local artists to design a can that captures what the city of Denver means to them. Our first artist, Josh Holland, did just that and designed our amazing Denver Pale Ale Artist Series No.1. Through his art he was able to capture what he calls “the hybrid lifestyle of Denver; city and small town, laid-back and adventurous, inspiring and creative,”. Our second artist to design the can was John Vogl of the Bungaloo. He used the opportunity to create a can that “looked and felt like summer in Denver, and Colorado as a whole”.  Once again the artwork has evolved and this year, the can features a design by Rachel Jablonski.

Denver Pale Ale No.2 Mural by John Vogl
Artist No.3: Rachel Jablonski

We are excited to reveal the Denver Pale Ale Artist Series #3 artwork created by Rachel Jablonski. Since graduating from the Rhode Island School of Design in 2013, Rachel works as a freelance illustrator here in Denver. Her illustrations are hand drawn with pen and ink then colored digitally and have been featured in the Guardian and Nautilus Magazine. She currently works out of her studio in the RiNo art district (in the same studio has our DPA artist No.2 John Vogl). Rachel’s work aims to create windows into worlds that challenge the viewer’s sense of reality. She draws inspiration from pop culture, symmetry, nature, Victorian architecture and bearded men. You can check out more of her artwork on her website and in person at both Great Divide Denver taprooms starting this July.

The Artwork

Rachel looked to the Denver Pale Ale can as a canvas to showcase her love for the city in a very Denver way — with beer. She saw the series as an iconic love letter to the city. The design came from the inspiration of a window into the city. “I’ve always loved frames and little vignettes, so by framing a Denver scene – a guy drinking beer in a hammock and looking out at the Denver skyline- it was like with every can, you have a little window into Denver.” The framed icons of the hiker, wolf, deer, and state capitol are also meant to represent what is familiar to Denver, like family portraits hanging on a wall.


Experience the Series

Want to see the artwork up close and meet the artist? Join us for our Denver Pale Ale Launch Party on June 28th. We will be celebrating the release of the new artwork at Helikon Gallery with free Denver Pale Ale, food truck fare and an opportunity to meet all three Denver Pale Ale Artists. Click here to learn more and to RSVP (psst… you have to RSVP to get in).



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