“The people of Denver and Colorado live outside this time of year and they are looking for a beer that bursts with flavor but won’t knock them out in the heat. Drive by any park or head up to any hiking trail in the mountains and it’s going to be filled to the max. Denver loves session beers because they fit the lifestyle. Session beers clock in at five percent or less – they can be and will be any style of beer and our favorites showcase fruit.

You will also find another theme to the session beers listed below for your summer enjoyment – they tend to dance along the sour side of things. Just another reason why Denver appreciates this category of beer, they embrace sour in all forms. Let’s take a look a session beers you can crush with your summer shenanigans…

The Radler

One of the best uses for lemonade is as a great mixer – its relationship with beer is no different. While Radlers don’t exclusively use lemonade, more specifically sparkling lemonade, it will include a highly carbonated fruit combo. These beers are almost the mimosas of the craft beer world – our favorite this season is the Peach Beerllini Radler from Left Hand Brewing Company and it fits that description. It’s effervescent, refreshing and explodes with peach – perfect for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Great Divide’s Roadie is a bubbly ale that is brewed with natural grapefruit puree – a little tarter but just as refreshing. If you are looking for lemonade go no further than Wibby Brewing and the Lightshine Radler. This beer is a combination of the Lightshine Helles and a splash of house-made raspberry lemonade and is dangerously crushable. It is summertime in a can….”

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