Brewbound: Great Divide Brewing Company Releases Hazy IPA Exclusively in Denver

DENVER — Great Divide Brewing Company is excited to announce Hazy IPA will be available in cans in limited quantities starting this July throughout the Denver Metro area. Hazy IPA, which was originally released as a draft-only beer in July 2017, is a cloudy IPA with a juicy mix of citrus aroma and nuanced fruit characteristics. With the city of Denver at its fingertips, Great Divide is able to get this beer out the door quickly and into drinkers’ hands (and mouths) in a matter of hours. This ability, along with the beer’s popularity in Great Divide taprooms, led to the decision to can and sell this hyper-limited beer in select local accounts.

“In order to ensure that beer drinkers experience Hazy IPA at its best, we’ll work closely with retail partners to make sure the beer is never sold past its 30-day shelf life,” said Brian Dunn, founder of Great Divide. “Our team will be managing the accounts daily to make sure the beer sold is fresh. It will be very labor intensive, but it will be worth it.”

Brewed with a massive amount of Citra, Mosaic, and El Dorado hops, Hazy IPA is a juicy hop bomb that delivers the bitterness without the bite. The brewing team spent months testing variations of Hazy IPA on the pilot system before perfecting the recipe to create a super juicy, fruity, hoppy and always refreshing beer. The flavor opens towards tangerine and lime zest with notes of tropical papaya and mango, before a slight hop-bitter finish that is rounded by a hint of ripe strawberries.

“Innovation is at the core of what we do and with an outstanding beer like Hazy IPA, we want more people to experience it,” said Dunn. “Grab a six-pack and enjoy the freshest beer from Great Divide.”

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