Westword: At the High-ABV Big Beers Fest, This Low-ABV Brew May Save the Day

Brian Dunn and Dave Thibodeau have been attending the Big Beers, Belgians and Barleywines Festival for many years, and over that time the two brewery owners have learned that it’s “a silly idea” to spend a full three days drinking high-alcohol beers at high altitudes.

The three-day fest, which kicks off Thursday, January 9, in Breckenridge, specializes in beers with an ABV of 8 percent or higher.

“I actually have the battle scars to prove it,” jokes Thibodeau, co-owner of Ska Brewing. Since the fest is celebrating its twentieth anniversary, he and Dunn, who owns Great Divide Brewing, thought that a better idea would be to make a low-ABV “brewers'” beer this time around — “something that we, as professionals, could get away with drinking for three days straight…breakfast, lunch, and dinner.”

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