Westword: Eight New Beers for False Spring and Flip-Flop/Snow-Boot Weather

Colorado is known for its alleged 300 days a year of sunshine, and for its powdery snow. But what many non-residents don’t know is that we can often get both extremes within the same week, day or even hour. False summer, fake spring, flip-flop-and-snow-boots weather: Call it what you will, but it’s best to keep both shorts and long underwear handy, not to mention a windshield scraper inside your convertible.

These days, climate change has made the state’s wacky weather even more pronounced, so local breweries find it difficult to create the right beer for the season, since the “season” in February, March, April and May can mean refreshing lagers on the patio one day and thick, high-ABV stouts by the fireplace the next.

So here are eight brand-new barometer-busting Colorado beers to get you through these mercurial times. And just like the weather, they’re presented here in no particular order.

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