Great Divide Brewing Co. Proudly Available in France

Great Divide Brewing Co. beers have long been available at a global level and we’re proud to be featured alongside other esteemed breweries in the Discover American Craft Beer program to help raise awareness of American craft beer in the French market. Great Divide beers have been available in France since 2018 and the Discover America Craft Beer effort will help tell the story behind those beers as well as the brewery.

Visitors to Discover American Craft Beer’s website can find a plethora of information about Great Divide Brewing Co. and the beers French craft beer fans might find on their local shelves including Titan IPA, Strawberry Rhubarb Sour Ale, Car Camper Hazy Pale Ale and Denver Pale Ale. They can also discover a fun “Beer Selector Wheel,” which curates American craft beer selections to specific situations like dining with friends, surfing or dancing to the sunrise! Delicious recipes and beer pairings curated by Chef Cathleen are perfect guides for every beer and food lover alike and can also be found on the Discover American Craft Beer website. Stay tuned on social media for more info on our distribution efforts abroad!

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