Bold Character is more than just a catchphrase at Great Divide, it’s the philosophy behind what we brew, how we think, and what we believe. We’d like to introduce you to another Bold Character around here, Alexis Hamlin.

How did you start at GD?

I was uninspired in a corporate office, searching for important words like “beer” and “fun” in Craigslist jobs. I stumbled across the posting for Office Manager at GDBC and took a crack at it. Once I heard I got the job I ditched every pair of starchy dress pants I had, it was liberating.

How long have you been here?

I’m meandering into my 4th year here.

What’s your favorite GD icon?

Old Ruffian without any question. I’ve assumed that stance a time or two before!

What’s your favorite GD beer?

Toughie. I’d have to say the exquisite golden nectar that is Hades. What a delight!

If you could write a national Public Service Announcement, what would it be?

BE KIND TO EACH OTHER and it’d be in Comic Sans font.

bc-alexisIf you’re not drinking beer, what are you drinking?

Ale. (A little TTB joke for you compliance folks). I’ve also been known to swan dive into a stiff whiskey ginger ale.

After knocking back a few stiff whiskey ginger ales, what might we find you talking about?

There’s really no telling. Having a few drinks is a great way to knock down social boundaries and get to know each other. But if I drink too much you’d better buckle up for pictures of my dog Lumpy!

What’s your favorite part about this job? 

The mutual respect for everyone’s hard work. We’re all cogs in this big beer machine and we all work our tails off. It’s crazy, it’s loud, and we laugh all day.

You are well known for sending ridiculous and hilarious “all brewery” emails. Seriously, where do you find your GIFS?

Google Image is a bountiful resource of weirdness, you just have to have a direction you’re headed and it will deliver. Goat in a coat? Cyber woman with ear of corn? Done and done. Really I’m just tricking people into reading my emails because I usually need something!

Who would win in a fight, Colette or Orabelle? (Details of the throwdown are encouraged). 

Pssh, Colette wouldn’t even show up. Orabelle would be waiting at the flagpole and Colette would have her pitchfork in the back of her truck with the pedal to the metal. Nobody messes with Orabelle.