Bold Character is more than just a catchphrase at Great Divide, it’s the philosophy behind what we brew, how we think, and what we believe. We’d like to introduce you to another Bold Character around here, Bryan Harris.

What do you do at Great Divide?

GreatDivide2Bash2016Walk the line between causing mischief and brewing some world-class beer.

How long have you worked at Great Divide?

6 years.

What is your favorite GD beer?

I’m a belgian guy so I’d have to go with Colette. Unless Hades  makes a rare appearance, then it’s Hades.  Actually, it’s always Hades.

What GD icon are you most like?

Not sure. GD hasn’t found the short, angry one yet.  Which one curses the most…?

What is your favorite thing about working at GD?

No contest; the people I get to work with. Working in the beer industry is amazing, but drinking great beer with the people I work with at the end of the day is what makes this job.

You are the GD firkin master- how did that happen?

Well, not sure about the master part, but I’ve made some pretty well-received ones. I started out taking this over when I was learning cellar work about 4 years ago. Now, it’s me and Dr. Mark Ruiz running the firkin program. We have some cool firkins lined up…

What did you do before working in beer and why did you leave/choose to work at GD?

I was working in radio, mainly in marketing and production. There were some really great experiences I had at that job that I probably would’ve never had if I hadn’t worked in that industry, but in the end, that job was more bad than good…..and they didn’t know what Hades was……

We heard you had a pretty interesting interview with Raff 5 years ago, tell us about that:

Well, on the rare occasion, I can pull it together and dress with a little class.  Let’s just say I probably could have gone to a Boy Band audition straight from my interview with Ryan Rafferty.  Now, working here for 6 years,  our holiday party is the only time of year I look a little less homeless than usual.

Are you always angry? (kidding, kind of);IMG_3817

I think it’s more of a Napoleon complex…’s a short brewer thing…..or maybe it’s just a me thing….

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve overheard while hanging out in the Tap Room?

I can’t remember anything that stands out, but our staff and regulars have quite the “colorful” vocabularies.

We see you “reading” a lot in the Tap Room. How did you learn to read upside down?

……That’s usually only after I’ve had a few…normally I can pretend to read right-side-up.

How did you get so enamored with Stephen King and what’s your favorite Stephen King quote?

Because he’s the Master of Horror; “Go then. There are other worlds than these.” – Jake Chambers