Bold Character is more than just a catchphrase at Great Divide, it’s the philosophy behind what we brew, how we think, and what we believe. We’d like to introduce you to another Bold Character around here, Jeff Martin.

How long have you worked at Great Divide?

Just over 2 ½ years. 

What is your favorite Great Divide beer?

Hibernation English Style Old Ale.  I love the malty sweetness and just enough alcohol to keep me warm in the winter. 

What is your favorite GD icon and why?

My favorite icon is definitely Hoss.  When I grow up I want to be a Hoss. 

What’s your position at Great Divide?

I am the Packaging Manager.  The team I manage makes sure we get the highest quality beer into bottles, cans, and kegs while maintaining excellence in the packaged product. 

How did you start working at GD?

I started my first day by being dropped off by my wife with a brown bag lunch.  First day at school butterflies were in full force. 

What’s your favorite part about working at Great Divide?

The people.  I really wouldn’t change any of the people we have at Great Divide.  We certainly have some interesting personalities running around the brewery and I enjoy working with all of them. 

 We’ve heard you’ve had a few different gigs in your day, let’s start with college Jeff. Tell us about your glory days playing football. We know you played with a certain NFL player – you guys tight, or what? 

I am guessing that you’re are referring to the second round draft pick and current ESPN analyst Marcellus Wiley.  I wouldn’t call us tight but certainly cordial. 

We heard you used to be a real ‘Wolf of Wall Street’ back in the day. Care to elaborate?

Not really other than to say that I think that was in a previous life.  I am all into the beer biz now. 

Okay, there’s a nickname floating around for you, it’s T-Rex. How do you identify with that specific dinosaur? 

Wow, where did you dig up that name?  In the beer world, a lot of people know me as jammer.  In college, I had the T-rex nickname.  Something to do with the length of my arms. 

 We know you and your wife love to travel. What’s been your favorite destination so far and why? 

I do try and take a fun trip each year.  There have been a few favorites, but if I have to pick just one .. I think I would go with the Greek Isles.  The beaches were amazing and the water was clear and inviting.  And most beaches had parties going all day and night.  Perfect place to swim, relax, and spend quality time with my wife.