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1 in 3 yetis die of loneliness

Yeti Awareness Week 2017: November 13th-19th

(2017 site coming soon!)

When you join the cause you’ll automatically be entered to win an amazing Yeti Awareness Prize Package valued at $800 (see details at bottom of page) and we’ll keep you posted on Yeti week happenings in your area.

Don’t neglect Yeti any longer. Scroll down to learn more.

Yeti tries so hard

Yeti is without a doubt the most misunderstood creature in existence. Many people only think of Yetis as wild and elusive, without realizing how much effort Yeti makes to fit in, so we’ve compiled some videos to prove it.

The Struggle is Real

Awareness week happenings

Yeti Awareness Week

Yeti Mafia

See how others believers are getting involved, and join the movement for #YetiAwareness


Yeti Says

Let the Yeti be silent no longer

Yeti Awareness Week


With Sweet Yeti Merch

Yeti Awareness Week


Find Your Favorite Close By

NOV 14th-18th

Get Involved

Don’t neglect this national icon any longer.

As a way to bring awareness to the often forgotten and neglected Yeti community, we are hosting an epic “Yeti” giveaway. Pledge your support to the Yeti’s and join the cause and to be entered to win our National Yeti Awareness Week Prize Package valued at $800 made up of a YETI Tundra 45 Cooler, an Outdoor Tech Turtle Shell 3.0 Waterproof Speaker, and a Great Divide “I Believe” schwag pack including a Furry Yeti Sign. Show the world you Believe and pledge your support and you could win! Show the world you Believe and pledge your support.

Yeti Awareness Week giveaway